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Waiting for Redemption - Jim Byrnes/Larry Albert
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The Jim French Productions, Inc. Years

Jim French Productions stopped producing and selling March 31, 2017.  Obviously the single episodes and the five part series "You Shouldn't Detour off Route 66" are no longer available from Jim French Productions. 

Jim French and Princess.jpg

Jim French and his beloved cat "Princess"

The above is the last picture I took of Jim before his death in December, 2017. I was soon to take off for a month-long trip to Sicily and we had talked about the trip and were both looking forward to my return to share all my adventures with him.  Jim and Princess, how I will always remember him in my heart. 

From Jim French Productions:

Between January 2004 and April 2017 I was lucky enough to work for one of the very few professional audio drama companies in the country. I started out as a bookkeeper and eventually ended up being a staff writer.


I worked predominently on Jim's Harry Nile detective series creating the first ever 5-part mini-serial "You Shouldn't Detour Off Route 66".

The writers' contract with JFP was that the company only bought the one-time broadcast production rights and the script belonged to the author to do with as they pleased. The only restriction was that the author must change the name of any of the character's Jim created such as Harry Nile or Kincaid or Dameron. And, of course, not only the main characters but the supporting characters such as Murphy and Shelly.

This was a very generous legacy that Jim left all his writers and I, for one, am very grateful. 

To that end all my Harry Nile Scripts are now available under the name: A Touch of Silva - The Exploits of Ronnie D'Silva, Private Detective.

There is a page now set up for him. 



The Harry Nile Stories:


The Nightmares of Melinda Magee

Eighty Miles of Bad Road


Is Anyone There


The Fatal Felines of Phinney Ridge


What's in Grandma's Piano


The Moxie Sisters


The Case of the Dueling Divas


Blood on the Snow


A Thief's Duty


Poetic Justice

The Case of Death in Small Doses

The Case of the Hobo's New Year

Harry and the Hobos

The Case of the Thirty Year Wait

Harry and the Computer (double length)

Hidden in Plain Site

Missing Murphy

Murder on the Empire Builder

Remy's Regret

The Bloody Bell Ringer

Rosie Rides Again

Just to See Her Smile

It Ain't Over 'Til the Fat Man Sings

The Shrouded Library

You Shouldn't Detour Off Route 66

(5-part serial)

Non Harry Nile:

4 Strangers, 4 Stories, 1 Lie


The Amber Room Hunters - Part One


The Amber Room Hunters - Part Two 

A Few Good Friends




The Blue Velvet Box

The Dark Beneath the Dark

What the Plumber Found


Dear Mr. Carstairs

Getting ready for a live performance 

With Richard Sanders and Lisa Carswell for: Dear Mr. Carstairs (not yet available).

With Jerry Dixon and Jeff Hitchins for:

Jerico's Grave 

Blood on the Snow cast: left to right: David Natale, Peter Kelley, Larry Albert, Christine Mosere and Cynthia Geary.

The cast for 4 Strangers etc.: Rick May, Andy Helman, Terry Rose, (front) Stephan Weyte, Rachel Pate, Andee Albert

The cast of The Amber Room Hunters: Back left to right: Dennis Bateman, Rick May, Ulrich Dihle, Larry Albert. In front left to right: Gin Hammond, Rachel Pate

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