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"Proud and tickled to announce that my web-novel “Dead Souls Doing the Samba” has been optioned by See-Through Films LLC. ( to develop into a film, from a script to be written by Kathleen McInnis (Kathleen’s last script was optioned by Blumhouse).

"I couldn’t have asked for a better person and group to take on my novel.

"This sums up Kathleen and the company:

"Nearly 30 years of experience discovering emerging world cinema talent through premiere film festival programming, film producing, production publicity and strategic festival publicity at A-List festivals around the world has given Kathleen McInnis a singular mission -- to empower filmmakers to merge their creative and business development to their own best advantage while building audience and expanding networks worldwide”.

"You can read the original “Dead Souls Doing the Samba” web-novel that got Kathleen excited, on the web-novel site.

"Over the coming months, we’ll update here with any updates."



Graphics/lettering by Jamaal Ephriam 

Person:  MLJ Clegg

Profession:  Political Assassin

Status:  Retired

Location:  Unknown Island

Other Inhabitants:  Monastery


Accessibility:  Difficult

New Webnovel  on    
Amazon Kindle Vella


Why a Webnovel

I've often looked at the variety of web novels and comics online and wanted to try my hand at one. The idea of publishing a chapter a day or every other day, whether you're done with your novel or not is intriguing. But I've always been caught in writing for audio drama as a staff writer for a company. Now that I'm free of the time obligations I can finally do this.  I've also become enamored with the many TV shows from other countries that are based on the webnovels. There is a freedom of form and ability to step away from the "rules" of  writing for the US market that is beyond seductive.

For the artwork shown (and I did run the story on a couple of serial platforms) I used a pen name of The Rose Sword. I don't do that anymore, but I loved the art so I've left the cover.

You can find the serial, in its entirety on the Amazon Kindle Vella platform here, or on the Kindle name above in red. 




"If you were to tell me that you're about to read Dead Souls Doing the Samba, my first reaction would be surprise, that you haven't read it already. My second reaction would be envy, knowing what you're about to experience as you embark on this journey. Sable Jak has created an atmospheric, completely immersive tale like no other, placing relatable characters in a totally original tale. Unsettling, always engrossing, Dead Souls Doing the Samba is a unique and unforgettable read."

Matthew J Elliott: author: Big Trouble in Mother Russia, Big Trouble in Merrie Olde England (8/6/20)

"Some novels gently draw you in to their world. Really good ones grab you and drag you in. That's what this one will do to you. You'l find yourself in a word you can see and taste and feel, a world with characters you want to know more about. It's rich, and it's evocative and it's got plenty of really satisfying twists and turns along the way. You won't regret delving into it." 

Iain McLaughlin, author: Movie Star, The Omega Factor: Spider's Web, and Doctor Who: Blood and Hope




completely immersive tale like no other, placing relatable characters in a 

"I was lucky enough to beta-read SAMBA. What a pleasure! From the title I wasn't sure what to expect. What I got was a truly unique tale with twists and turns galore. Sable Jak has pulled together a one-of-a-kind, highly imaginative story featuring a famous quartet I have never seen as characters. Find a way to experience this web-novel. It will fire your imagination."

Mike Murphy - author: Films: Dark Chocolate / Hotline

Review on Good Reads:

This author never disappoints, and the story contains unexpected twists and clever turns with every new page. Clegg is a political assassin, retired at the height of his career, living as a painter on an isolated island with only his cat and the neighboring monastery for company. Content, at peace, one dark night the monks come knocking, and they want to hire him for one last job. The details unfold with a Poe-like grace into a stunning tale that will take away your breath. You will sit on the edge of your chair, unable to put the story down, then you'll rewind and read it aloud to someone you love. This story could be categorized as fantasy, horror, mystery, science fiction, or just plain fun reading. After you finish, look for this wonderful author's other works. They're all crafted just this masterfully.

Laura Mann Weed

I love a book that engages me and makes me feel that I must find the answer; that keeps me wide awake in the middle of the night and spurs me on to the last line. Then keeps me thinking! This is an engaging well written horror story /mystery that explores vulnerability of evil and it’s constant presence in our lives. Can we eliminate it? There are ways and means of keeping it below that curve at least. Perhaps! But the one riding in on the horse surely has to be curbed before we all fall into the abyss. Hmm..Still thinking! Read it and wonder.

Jennifer Dixon, Voice Actor:


          "The last time I felt like this I was pumped so full of painkillers I didn't know I was gut shot. I could hear the Monks chanting. Between touching down and soaring I thought, "Are they praying for me to live, or die?"

            Something cool touched my forehead and a little water moistened my lips; the rest ran down my cheek into my ear. I forced my eyes open. Brother Sebastian, through fish-eye lenses. He hovered over me as my peripheral vision gave way to a dark haze. He leaned closer, "You'll live, Clegg, you'll live."

            Then my vision went away while the memory of what happened played at the end of a long, black tunnel."

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