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Why a Webnovel

Person:  MLJ Clegg

Profession:  Political Assassin

Status:  Retired

Location:  Unknown Island

Other Inhabitants:  Monastery


Accessibility:  Difficult


New Webnovel    by

The Rose Sword


Tapas Webnovels

I've often looked at the variety of web novels and comics online and wanted to try my hand at one. The idea of publishing a chapter a day or every other day, whether you're done with your novel or not is intriguing. But I've always been caught in writing for audio drama as a staff writer for a company. Now that I'm free of the time obligations I can finally do this.  I've also become enamored with the many TV shows from other countries that are based on the webnovels. There is a freedom of form and ability to step away from the "rules" of  writing for the US market that is beyond seductive.


As a result, I'm not dipping a toe into the pool, I'm jumping in full throttle and cannon ball. Below is the 1st "Chapter" of Dead Souls Doing the Samba which went up March 1. Every day after that for 25 days at roughly 5 pm PST another chapter (each one longer than this one, for sure) will go up. 


Click on "Tapas Webnovels" in red above and it will take you to the site. You can, if you wish, download their app to your phone or tablet and read there. 

And yes, I'm using a "pen name" it's all part of the fun.


          "The last time I felt like this I was pumped so full of painkillers I didn't know I was gut shot. I could hear the Monks chanting. Between touching down and soaring I thought, "Are they praying for me to live, or die?"

            Something cool touched my forehead and a little water moistened my lips; the rest ran down my cheek into my ear. I forced my eyes open. Brother Sebastian, through fish-eye lenses. He hovered over me as my peripheral vision gave way to a dark haze. He leaned closer, "You'll live, Clegg, you'll live."

            Then my vision went away while the memory of what happened played at the end of a long, black tunnel."

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