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volume I & II

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Bright Morn of Issareth


Volume I:

The Arrival

Volume II:

The Journey

A Fantasy Serialized Web-Novel

60 Chapters

soon at:

A Fantasy Serialized Web-Novel

90 Chapters

soon at:

Small Title

There is a free episode of each on Fictionate. Please note (if you're not familiar with serialized web-novels) episodes in this format are usually shorter (anywhere from 700 to 1200 words). This varies, of course, but that seems to be the numbers that are done quite often at present. 

The Kindle Vella app is not "live" until this summer. Fictionat.me however is live and the serials are $4.99

Coming soon: www.brightmorn.com


A little bird that is etched on Morn's sword and tattooed on his hand, a tattoo that he carries through all his lives. The bird, when in a flock, can strip a cow carcass in a half hour.

Art by Jeffrey Wang on instagram :


The etching of the birds and vines that line the fuller in gold and silver down Morn's Sword.

Artwork by Jeffrey Wang.