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Some of my favorite sites, youtube subscriptions, etc.

If you're wondering about the background photo, it was taken from a little hotel on the Isle of Ortigia off the coast of Sicily where I spent a glorious month a couple years ago. I hope to go back:

I happen to love Chinese Dramas and this is one of the channels on youtube for great updates in information from "Avenue X":

Although I'm not a gamer (that's an abyss I'd never get out of) this youtube site gives both game first reactions and (best of all) first reactions to some pretty good k-pop videso from Frisky2timesCosplay:

When the pandemic hit I was desperate for new work outs and found these guys. I'm getting my abs back!!! "Allblanc":

Yup, I likes me some k-pop, these guys are great Oneus:

And yes, I'm a Jackson Wang fan... go Team Wang:   

And I'm totally nuts over these guys, I mean, really, who doesn't love a Mongonlian metal band The Hu?

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