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"The Enchantress - a love triangle with death"

Please note that all music and sound is copyrighted by Aaron Weed and you must obtain his written permission to use his compositions.


The Teaser Sound Byte of The Enchantress

Enhantress Teaser - Wednesday Wolf & Cheryl Massey-Peters
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The Music of Aaron Weed

Noemi's Sonata

Noemi's Sonata - Aaron Weed
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Noemi's Theme 

Noemi'e Theme from The Enchantress - Aaron Weed
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Davis's Theme 

Davis's Theme from The Enchantress - Aaron Weed
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The House's Theme

House's Theme from The Enchantress - Aaron Weed
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The Portrait
The Portrait

There? Not there.
There? Not there.

Can you see the Maze
Can you see the Maze

The Portrait
The Portrait


Photography by: Hank Graham

Models: Sabine Ruthensteiner and Wednesday Wolf

Photographed at the Fischer Mansion, Seattle, WA

The Cast of The Enchantress:


Cheryl Massey-Peters as Noemi Barnes

Wednesday Wolf  as Davis Hunter

Joseph Cassanessa as Tony Anderson

John Empey as Joseph Brunner

Melissa Hanbey as Cindy, "The Lowdown" Reporter and others

Robert Hunter as Dr. Matthew Elliott

Johanna Polit as Isabella Conti

Charlie Miller as Joey Brunner

Donna De La Rosa as Anna Brunner



(c) Sable Jak, writer

(c) Sebastian T Sweet Proudctions, producer