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You can enjoy this both in audio and in serialized webnovel form: for webnovel

and for audio drama where it enjoys a 4.1 rating

Three Urban Explorers are about to find out:

Just because it's not on the blueprint doesn't mean it's not there.


Jack Straw Cultural Center, 

University District

Seattle, Washington

The Most Important person behind the scenes... He Who Brings Food!

Dan Munro of Nollie's Cafe fed the cast and crew for two days with some of the most wonderful salads, sandwiches and goodies ever. 

Annnnnd... Action

Anjelica and Jon at the mics (Tadd is hidden, but we do have a picture). Our director, Matthew Boudreau is also hidden but our Sound Engineer Daniel Gunter is working his magic while recoding takes place. 

Eli McIlveen

Amy K. Bormet

To find out more about Eli and Amy simply click on their pictures to go to their pages. We have also cast the show with three terrific actors from Seattle. 

Anjelica McMillan will play Jill Johansen

Tadd Morgan will play Connor Johansen

Jonathan Lee-Vroman will play Jack Hollowell

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