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Elemental Horror Theme - Thomas Chaillan
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Sebastian is, and wants to remain, a mystery.

He has been kind enough to lend his name to my production company.

He offers occasional advice, but rarely.

He travels a lot.

He likes many things, most of all, to keep moving.

He is fascinated by life and the lives people live.

Call if you like.

Write if you like.

Get an answer? Not bloody likely.

The last I heard he was headed for a cave somewhere. Something about research. For what? I'm not sure. But chances are he'll give me the information and maybe, just maybe, I'll write a story about it. And then maybe, just maybe, we'll record it. 



I Waited

I waited for you

You didn't come

I left




Such is the fate

for those who wait

for Sebastian T Sweet


(c) Photo by SR Jak

(c) Poem by Sebastian T Sweet

A statue in Birmingham, England. I always thought it looks a little like sTs.

Sebastian T Sweet

Who is he? Really?

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