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Waiting for Redemption - Jim Byrnes/Larry Albert
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From Audio Arcadia: 

Waiting for Redemption - A Phil Byrnes


Philomena "Phil" Byrnes and her husband Peter ran the Byrnes' Private Investigation company in Seattle, Washington:  Until Peter was murdered at his desk late one night. While keeping the company alive Phil has been slowly gathering information to try and figure out who killed Peter. One night she, her business associate Buzzy and their close friend, Seattle Police Detective Coleman go up to Phil's cabin in the San Juan Islands to comb through the information and finally bring the killer to justice.

Starring Cheryl Massey-Peters, Jim Byrnes (of The Highlander TV Series), Larry Albert and William Hamer.



Julie E. Huey of Samuel Goldwyn Films Development:  "Samuel Goldwyn Jr. [regarding] the Phil Byrnes mystery series: We both enjoyed the listen and definitely feel there's a potential star character in ‘Phil’. She's a confident, cerebral and enticing character that likens to Angela Lansbury's character "Jessica" on Murder She Wrote, but with a younger audience. We feel the show would translate to a fun, intelligent network series particularly popular with women ages 20-40 who we found have responded to strong female roles in prime time series…"



An Elemental Horror - A Rebecca Bowen 


In 1890's London the highest paid private detective is a woman: Rebecca Bowen.


After the untimely death of her husband Lady Montbury holds a series of seances. Unfortunately the spiritual communication she's looking for isn't what she's expecting.


The creature that has taken up residence in the manor is described as being "like a cage full of fluttering birds" accompanied by an obscene, putrid smell reminiscent of an open grave. People disappear, disembodied moaning floats through the residence and no one escapes the feeling of being watched. 


In "An Elementl Horror" Rebecca is faced with one of her strangest cases to date. She, her secretary Polly Penniford and her body guard (and lover), Russian born Jack Saunders, must travel to Montbury Manor to investigate, find and stop the evil before it kills.



The Enchantress / A love triangle with death:

(a paranormal love story)


Movie composer Davis Hunter is one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors. He's got it all - talent, money, charm and a bad-boy reputation that attracts all the wrong women. And he's frightened. The stress, the press and the demands on him have created a block he can't overcome; until he meets - and falls in love with - the ghost of a famous ballerina.


To get away from everything he buys "The Enchantress," the late 1940's Ballerina Noemi Barne's beautiful mansion. He finds himself drawn to her portrait and the story of her suicide; wondering if that's the fate that awaits him. One night she emerges from her portrait and he finds himself stepping out of his own body to consummate their love affair; an action which threatens his already fragile life.

(c) Sable Jak - writer

(c) Sebastian T Sweet Productions - Producer

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