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What I'm working on -- or rather -- what I'm trying to work on.
A Dear Dudley Mystery


Yup, Rose Martin and her tenant Hollyhock St. John-Jones are headed to Italy.

It turns out that my beta readers of "Cottage for Rent (Body Optional)" loved the characters from the small Wisconsin township of Otoola so much they've asked me to write more -- even though the script for "Cottage" has not been bought for production yet.
But, if you must know, I love Rose and Holly and Tom and everyone else so much I want to write more adventures for them. Right now it's only Rose and Holly headed for Italy, but who knows what they'll get into and who knows who will decide to join them: after all if those two ladies can take a township by storm what's to stop them taking a country, too!

As always several scripts in various stages of birth, rebirth and possible dying but the two I'm putting the most effort into right now are pictured below. I say pictured because I have a habit of creating "posters" of shows as they give me a closer feel to the work. 

Forgive me if I don't give you any more information that what is on the pictures. 

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