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Six-time "Spirit of Moondance" Award winner for writer of an Audio Drama script: Moondance International Film Festival, Boulder, Co.
One-time "Spirit of Moondance" Award for writer of a TV Pilot
One-time "Spirit of Moondance" Award for Short Story Writer
Two-time Finalist at Moondance: Short Screenplay
Three-time Finalist at Moondance: Audio Drama Script
Two-time Semi-Finalist at Moondance: Short Story

Sebastian T Sweet Productions

Sable R Jak - Audio Dramatist



"Cottage for Rent (Body Optional)"

A Dear Dudley Mystery 

2019 "Spirit of Moondance" Award: TV Pilot Script

2017 "Spirit of Moondance" Award: Audio Drama Script

Who put a Mummy in Rose's Mother-in-Law Cottage?

2019 Spirit of Moondance Award

TV Pilot script w/bible

2017 Spirit of Moondance Award

5 part audio script meant for full-cast dramatization.

Rose Martin won the lottery, bought a house and took a vacation. When she returned home she found someone had deposited a mummified body smack dab in the middle of the mother-in-law cottage in her back yard. Whoever did it? Bad move.


A. You picked the wrong person to mess with.
B. Although Rose will leave the scientific investigation to the police force, as small as it is in her little Wisconsin lake village, she will tap the one re source that will find you, no matter where you are: The great gossip train of Otoola Township. And that, once started, makes Superman look slow.


From Dottie's Tea Shoppe (whatever is said in Dottie's stays in Dottie's) to local thrift shops and the phone tree of local women now armed with cell phones and security cameras who can find an errant child or husband within 15 minutes of their missing, Rose and her new renter: Hollyhock St. John-Jones WILL find you. Go ahead, try and run.

The Adventures of Harry Nile

You Shouldn't Detour

     off Route 66

2016 Finalist for both:

Audio Drama Script - Sable Jak

Direction - Larry Albert

Many authors have penned scripts for Jim French's beloved Private Detective, Harry Nile, but this was the first 5-part serial ever produced. 

In the late 1940's Harry is hired to take a young singer from Los Angeles to Albuquerque, traveling on Route 66. An easy gig, until she decides she wants to find her long lost father and the gold certificates he allegedly ran off with. Unfortunately she's not the only one looking for dear old Daddy. A good reason You Shouldn't Detour off Route 66. 

Starring: Larry Albert, Ulric Dihle, Andee Albert, Gin Hammond, Kathryn Shield, Rick May, Jane Ryan, Jay Green and Terry Edward Moore.

The Five Realms of the Aubergines 

2014 Spirit of Moondance Award 


The full-cast audio script is still in development with four to five episodes to follow. Part One was submitted to the competition and won the 2014 Spirit of Moondance award.


Script is available for perusal from writer's representative.


Parallel worlds, their gateways guarded by vicious creatures, giant moths that breathe flame, and guides that move like shadows. Nothing prepared two adventurers for the treachery they'd find in the Patagonian parallel world known as the "5 Realms of the Aubergines," governed by the Great Queens of Perdition.


Can they stop the sabatoge of the gateways between the worlds before all is destroyed?

SR Jak, writer, audio drama

The Enchantress

A love triangle with death

2012 Spirit of Moondance Award

Five part audio  script meant for full-cast audio dramatization.


Movie composer Davis Hunter is one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors. He’s got it all - talent, money, charm and a bad-boy reputation that attracts all the wrong women. And he's frightened. The stress, the press and the demands on him have created a block he can't overcome;  until he meets - and falls in love with - the ghost of a famous ballerina.


To get away from everything, he buys "The Enchantress", the late 1940's Ballerina Noemi Barnes’ beautiful mansion. He finds himself drawn to her portrait and the story of her suicide, wondering if that is the fate that awaits him. One night she emerges from her portrait and he finds himself stepping out of his own body to consummate their love affair, an action which threatens his fragile life.


Full-cast audio production by Sebastian T Sweet Productions through:


Writer, Audio Drama

5 Levels of Fear

When the desire to explore becomes the need to run.


2015 Spirit of Moondance Award

A four-part audio drama for three characters.


Two urban explorers descend into an abandoned mansion that has never been examined, only to find it rotting from the inside out. Their only link to the outside is a body cam and radio connection with a young man in a van in a wheelchair.


From a hidden floor to a putrid pit and skeletons entwined in tree roots it is quickly apparent: This is not your normal explore. 


Production by Aural Stage Studios, New York.



SR Jak writer, audio drama

A Jewel of the Gods Adventure:

     The Amber Room Hunters


2013 Spirit of Moondance Award

Five part audio script meant for full-cast dramatization.


Four treasure hunters are one step ahead of ruthless river pirates, dangerous thieves and other treasure hunters as they trek through the Amazonian Jungle in search of the famed WWII Nazi treasure The Amber Room. Last seen in 1944 they may be on the brink of finding a fortune that has escalated in value through the years to almost a billion dollars. 


The five part adventure has been produced by Sebastian T Sweet Productions and writer Sable Jak will soon be available at


(A second, slightly abridged version was produced by Jim French Productions but is not currently available.)

SR Jak Writer, Audio Drama

An Elemental Horror - A Rebecca Bowen Mystery

2010 Spirit of Moondance Award

Three part audio script meant for full-cast audio dramatization.


The disgusting creature has taken up residence at Montbury Manor after a seance. It is described as being like a cage full of fluttering birds accompanied by a putrid smell reminiscent of an open grave. People disappear, disembodied moaning floats through the residence, and no one escapes the feeling of being watched.


In "An Elemental Horror" Rebecca is faced with one of her strangest cases to date. She, her secretary Polly Penniford and her body guard, Russian born Jack Saunders, must travel to Montbury Manor to investigate, find, and stop the evil before it kills.


Full-cast audio produced by Sebastian T Sweet Productions and writer Sable Jak available through

Finalist awards:

Moondance International Film Festival

2011 - 2018 Audio Drama Script & Short Screenplay

The Blue Velvet Box

2015 Finalist: Short Screenplay 


The ring was bought, the proposal rehearsed: then Joe saw the other man. There was nothing to do but wander into an old, dingy late-night cafe and get, with his coffee, a lesson in love from an old waitress with a sweet smile. 


(script is suitable for animation or film)



The Thirty Year Wait

2018 Finalist: Audio Drama Script

When someone disappears at sea you don't expect to find them, especially 30 years later. But, it's still worth the hunt, isn't it?

Where We Want to Be 

2016 Finalist: Short Screenplay

When the bully is at the door and he happens to be your brother all doesn't have to seem lost. Especially when there's a loving ghost waiting for you to stand up for what you want. 

Semi-Finalist awards:

Moondance International Film Festival

2017 Short Story

Dear Mr. Carstairs: Power and powerless duke it out via the written word.

Dark Beneath the Dark: Never underestimate what you can't see.

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